About Beacon Freight

Quotes of the day

Logistics is the ball and chain of armored warfare.

- Heinz Guderian

Logistics embraces not merely the traditional functions of supply and transportation in the field, but also war finance, ship construction, munitions manufacture and other aspects of war economy.

- Lt Col George C. Thorpe

Since its establishment in 2013, Beacon Freight has gradually established itself as one of the leading SADC Freight Forwarding, Customs Clearing, and Logistics Company.

Beacon Freight has over the years endeavoured to establish a comprehensive logistics service tailored to meet specific requirements of customers throughout the SADC region. This was achieved through a business model that puts emphasis on partnering with our customers in order to fully understand their entire business operational needs and how logistics can play a pivotal role in enabling them to achieve more productivity through a service that is streamlined to accelerate product and goods deliveries without putting unnecessary strains on their operational budgets.

Our head office support staff and management has over the years, managed to fine tune our service efficacy so as to earn our company the status of one of the preferred service providers and strategic partner to a host of local and multinational corporations operating out of the SADC region.

Our Strategy

At Beacon Freight, it is strongly believed that logistics professionals work across functions within the organization, with business units throughout the company, and with partners across the supply chain. We are further acutely aware that collaborating with trading partners and developing innovative solutions to optimize logistics and supply chain strategy and operations require strong leadership abilities.”

We are also acutely aware of the fact that logistics represents a large investment for most of our customers and it is therefore our responsibility as logistics leaders to safeguard that investment on their behalf by diligently, exercising responsible and accountable stewardship, and maximize the return on that investment by working both ends of the equation: drive down cost improve performance and productivity.

Our strategy is also informed by the knowledge that to be a good supply chain leader, you have to be able to span boundaries.

Our Vision

Beacon’s mission is to continuously add value by finding sustainable ways decreasing freight logistics inefficiencies and to provide maximum hard and soft cost savings for our customers in the process of shipping In order to achieve this, we will put primary focus on leveraging web-based proprietary freight management software and integrated freight management services.

Our Mission

To constantly exceed client expectations by providing cost effective, quality freight solutions. We make this possible by providing a rock-solid foundation of industry knowledge, team experience, professional integrity and global and regional networking, all designed to guide clients thr ough the intricacies of freight costeffectively and with ease.

This flexibility will manifest itself through the following core brand values:
  • Innovative – Open and creative to customer and employee solutions
  • Quality – Providing value in all that we do
  • Continuous improvement of our people and services
  • Respect of individuals and their contribution to the team